La Swigneuse

46 CAD

For a deeper sound

Although the body of the spoons is the same as that of "La Traditionnelle", this model of face-to-face spoons with a closed resonance box has a lower, less percussive sound than "La Traditionnelle".

Choice of two formats:

... the little "Swigneuse" with a clearer sound,

... the big "Swigneuse" with a deeper, stronger sound.

As the resonance box is closed, the sound cannot be modulated by hand.

° Smaller spoons are more "nervous" than larger ones, allowing faster, more voluble play. They are easier to handle and play with.

Made from a single piece of maple wood, with walnut resonance box cover and maple trim.

Dimensions :  

... the small one: 23 cm (9 in.)

... the large one: 28 cm (11 in.)

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