Seeing and hearing

how to play

It's relatively easy to master the musical spoons and, with a little practice, you can quickly become quite adept at accompanying voices and instruments.

Striking method

1. The spoon handle is held in one hand.
2. The spoons are struck alternately on the knee and on the inside of the opposite hand, with the latter open and the fingers close together.
3. The hand in which the spoon is struck can vary the sound by completely or partially obstructing the resonance box on impact (for models with open resonance box).
4. The most diverse rhythmic variations can of course be applied to this model.
1. The spoon handle is held in one hand.
2. The hooks of the spoons are slid over the half-open, rigid fingers of the opposite hand, producing percussion each time a hook strikes a finger.
3. This requires a little more practice, but makes for faster, more varied play.

Sliding method

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Director: Éliot Laprise
Spooner: Ben Cliche
Spoon-maker: Louis-Georges L'Écuyer

Online courses

Online musical spooning lessons by percussionist Olivier Bussières.
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